Mystery Box | Eccentric & Nonconforming

This theme is for those who love the occult, traditional tattoo imagery, and those who are counting the days until Halloween. These pieces are for the bold, black wardrobe having, "its not just a phase" saying, spooky loving individuals that spice up my life and steals my eyeliner. 

These are dealer's choice! We'll choose pieces at random that are either current, discontinued, or unreleased styles based on the theme you have chosen. The photos above are to give you an idea of what type of styles could be included in your box, but of course each Mystery Box will vary. 

If you chose a METAL ONLY box, you will only receive metal styles. ACRYLIC ONLY boxes will only have acrylic earrings (as we don't make acrylic necklaces). 

If you choose a MIXED box:

-If you choose a 1 piece mixed box, you will get either acrylic OR metal. 

-If you choose a 2 piece box, you will receive one metal AND one acrylic piece.

-For a 3 piece box will you will receive at least one brass and one acrylic (so you will either receive 1 metal and 2 acrylic pieces, or 2 metal and 1 acrylic piece).  With only this option will you receive a new/unreleased style!

*one piece = either one necklace or a PAIR of earrings

No studs will be included in these boxes unless requested! All brass and acrylic styles will come with gold-filled hooks, and titanium or aluminum pieces come with sterling silver hooks.

If you already have any of our pieces and are worried about receiving duplicates, please let us know the styles you have at checkout. We will do our best to avoid sending you a repeat but we can't 100% guarantee it won't happen.


All sales are final for mystery boxes. We do not offer returns or exchanges for mystery boxes unless a piece arrives faulty.